Rae & Nikki Happy Sandal Day 2016

I’m a festive gal, I just can’t help it. I always have been. I just love a good holiday or reason to celebrate! I think its because I had a mom and step mom that were also festive women that love a good celebration. I love them so much that I’ve been know to make up holidays. One holiday we celebrate every year is one that was passed down from my amazing step mom.

Happy Sandal Day 2015

Every spring, on the first warm weekend, we celebrate Happy Sandal Day. It’s a day to celebrate that spring is coming and just enjoy a mother daughter day. When I was younger my step mom, Lucy, would take me out and buy me sandals and take me to lunch. She would paint my toes and make me feel so special. I looked forward to it all winter. Now Rae and I live far away and we continue the tradition she started and we treat it like a holiday. We get pedicures, go to lunch and buy new sandals and sometimes a new outfit to match. 

Happy Sandal Day 2012Happy Sandal Day 2012

The pictures of Happy Sandal Day above are some of my first on Instagram, way back in 2012!  This happy Sandal Day it was new sunglasses for our upcoming cruise! Of course no Happy Sandal Day is complete without ice cream and talking about how much Grandma Lucy means to us.  

Nikki & Rae Happy Sandal Day 2015

Do you guys celebrate any made up holidays?  This Saturday, March 26, is actually Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, so if you don't have one of your own it's a perfect time to invent one!  From my family to yours, Happy Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!