One of the best things about working around so many creative people is the constant flow of ideas coming through these doors. During slower times, each Flock member is encouraged to create and design pieces that they think will work well for the line. We are always reinventing, changing, and revamping the pieces we already have to make new and exciting pieces for the Gleeful Peacock line. Usually, new or reimagined pieces are posted on Instagram to see what kind of feedback our customers are giving the new piece, which is just another reason for you to follow our Instagram account (as if you needed one!) 
The different personalities in this place are crazy cool. It makes for such an eclectic perspective on what is trending and what people like to see. Don't get us wrong, lots of color is our jam, but we are kind of digging this bohemian, neutral tone thing happening this fall. And with all these individual brains, there is something to make everyone happy. Rachel and Rob love the dark, witchy look a la The Craft. Veronica and Kayla live for the rainbow, everything is a party. Kathy and Crystal are the resident hipster cutie pies. See, we might as well be called the Baskin Robbins of jewelry, we have a flavor for everyone. 
All of this creative juice is taking us places, people. It's like jet fuel for this crazy train we call "work." We have so many new looks to release this fall, and we are so excited about them that we are practically giddy school children. 
So. Many. Cute. Things. 
So many! 
Stay tuned, and follow us on Instagram if you aren't already, because we are cooler than a penguin in a smoking jacket.