This week's Staff Stack comes from production artist Rob Recoy. Rob was homeschooled during his high school years and received his Eagle Scout at the age of eighteen. He loves plants and has a green thumb that would make Martha Stewart jealous (seriously, he is some kind of plant whisperer.) Rob lives with his partner Cole, who is also a production artist here at Gleeful Peacock, and their plethora of flora and fauna including around eighty plants, two dogs, a cat, and a few fish. Rob is such a creative mind, he inspires his friends every single day with his unconventional way of thinking. He is always open to expanding his mind and learning about the human condition. Rob strives to always be an original and not let today's standards guide his path of life. 
For his stack, Rob selected a "Remember Your Roots" token charm in the Antique Bronze finish, a Cactus Charm in Key Lime, and a Feather Charm in Vanilla. His suggested add-ons are the black Wood Bead bracelet with the star charm and the Wonder Expression bracelet in Zinc. One of Rob's favorite quotes is this: "They are going to judge you no matter what you do so let them judge you for your truth." -Bryant McGill