When we released our Token Charm bracelets, we knew that we thought they were cute but we had no idea how crazy popular they would become! We started out with four designs, which we are going to highlight each Monday for the next four weeks. These original four designs have done so well, that 16 new designs have been sent to the foundry to be made! Are you guys as excited as we are?! Because we are super pumped! We will start releasing a new one EACH DAY starting on October 5th, so hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be exciting!
This week, we are going to highlight the "Go Your Own Way" token. All four of the original designs have a special significance to owner/artist Nikki, but this one rings especially true. When stuck in the corporate world, Nikki realized it was time to go her own way and founded Gleeful Peacock. This charm is designed to help the wearer remember to take the path of their own choosing. When you're stuck in a rut, your mind is telling you to move on, take a chance and do something that makes your soul feel alive. You don't have to be a runner in the rat race, you can cut through an alley and be on a different road than everyone around you! Sometimes, the world has a way of putting people into boxes but you don't have to stay there. People like Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey didn't become who they are by sticking to a pre-made plan of what success looks like. So girl, swerve like Oprah, innovate like Jobs, and live like YOU.