This week's stack is curated by Sarah Cleveland, she is not only a production artist, but also oversees some of Gleeful Peacock's key accounts. Sarah is a mom to a 16 month old little boy named Caleb, he is that little cutie pie in her photo! Sarah loves the outdoors, animals, and just spending time in nature. Sarah is the oldest of four children and has two sisters and one brother. Sarah is a proud homeschool kid who grew up learning as much from exploring the outdoors as she did from her school books. 
The Sarah Stack includes a cactus charm in spearmint, a horn toad in zinc, and a California charm in Georgia clay. Her suggested add-ons are the Wonder Expression bracelet in teal and the dark natural wood bead bracelet with an antique bronze cross charm. The stack comes as a set for $36 (that's three bracelets for the price of two!) and all suggested add-ons are 10%off! 
"I picked this stack because it reminded me of growing up exploring and catching horny toads in the high desert of California. I still love the outdoors and beauty in nature."