With the chaos of market season fading away, the Flock is finally coming back together and settling back into a normal, gleeful rhythm. This year, teams were sent to Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Denver. Markets are wonderful opportunities to build the brand and expand brand recognition, but man are they a lot of work!
This was the first year for Gleeful Peacock to be at the Las Vegas Market, and it started a bit rough. It was also the first time Nikki got to take her daughter Rae to a market so the anticipation and expectations for the trip were high. So Nikki, Veronica, and Rae went to set up the booth and Nikki got hit with some evil little sickness! On top of that, the crate with all of the product and decor hadn’t shown it’s wooden little face. Stress, much?! Nikki finally got to an urgent care center and was told she had strep throat. DOUBLE STRESS! But being the fearless leader that she is, Nikki powered through the puny and when the crate finally did show up, she and the team turned out a fabulous new booth. Yay, team!

Veronica and Rae sit in the Urgent Care waiting room while Boss Lady gets checked out. 

The finished booth was a hit! Everyone loved the “mascot” Libby. 
One of the best parts of a market is all the wonderful people. With this being the first year to go to Vegas, no one knew what to expect of the general vibe of the other vendors, but the Gleeful Peacock booth was set up in a showroom with some great other vendors, and everyone became fast friends. The people from Molly & Drew kept everyone with a full belly of their delicious beer breads and dips, and it should be noted that Raven's Originals salsa was "sampled" more than once. And if you are starting to think they got the raw end of the deal, don't worry, they were sent home with some Gleeful Goodies! 
While some of the Flock was away, the other little peacocks didn’t exactly get to play. With new wholesale orders coming in daily, there was plenty to keep everyone busy. It is a lot of work, but there is never a dull moment! The music gets cranked up, the coffee stays a-flowin', and everyone rocks it out! It isn't uncommon for someone to dance along the "Wall of Gleeful Goodies" to some Spice Girls while looking for a Texas charm or all of the Anchored by Love components. Yeah, we keep it funky fresh. 

Cole assembles

With purchasers from all over the country, Gleeful Peacock is happy to announce that you should look for a retailer near you to stock up on glee-filled, squeal-of-excitement-inducing, pretty little vintagey things. You know you kind of love our new Staff Stacks like The Rachel Stack, or maybe you just need a new cardigan for fall. But if there isn’t a retailer near you, (sad state of affairs, right there) take a road trip to one that is not-so-close, adventure has been calling your name anyways, right?