We have had some very exciting things happening here at Gleeful Peacock lately! As you may know, we recently launched our apparel line. This line is a collaboration between myself (Nikki) and our in-house artist, Veronica Foster. Veronica has been a contributor to our brand for a few years now, she's awesome! Veronica has done art as long as she can remember, her mom even still has impressive crayon drawings from years ago! She has loved the challenge of the print being one color, along with the intricate line design to create depth and interest in one color. 
This lady always adds so much color and glee to our studio! Weather its a cute vintage apron or a rainbow tutu, we love her daily outfits!
"With the buffalo design, I really focused on the detail of the horns and lineal detail for the overall look."
We constantly find cute little trinkets and drawings around the studio made by Veronica. The first photo is a vintage brass salt and pepper shaker she hand painted and we use here at the studio. The second photo is an amazing drawing she did of me, I love it so much! The last is a cork drawing she did of our co-worker, Jessie's dog, Desmond. And the list goes on, from innovative succulent pots and free-hand drawing our logo to the best citrus scrub around. Lets face it, we LOVE having this lively spirit around all the time!
xoxo Nikki