It’s Rae’s Birth Month! I just can’t believe my little girl is fourteen! She was seven when Gleeful Peacock became a thought in my mind. She has always believed in me and my ideas and cheered me on. In the early days she sat with me at craft shows and even invented dances for each show and would perform them for the booth visitors. She was so helpful to help set up and tear down. Now she comes up after school and lists items on the website or helps with inventory.

Nikki & Baby Rae

Watching her grow into her own person and form her own opinions is one of my greatest journeys in life! I’m not sure how much she will continue to be involved in Gleeful Peacock as she gets older. Which is fine, this is my dream, not hers. But she is a ray of sunshine around the studio and loves to find what she has in common with each of the flock members when she is here. From sci-fi to history to filming, she is sure to find a common bond with who ever she is talking to at the studio.

To celebrate Rae and all she brings to the studio and GP this weekend you can get 14% off with the code RAE.  Tell us are you celebrating something or someone this month?