Meet Emmy! (like the award) She is a happy painter with a big love for coffee! While sitting down with her this morning, we talked about a few of her favorite things.

Number one favorite thing on the list being coffee, of course! She is also a barista at a local shop, Romeo's. This is where she finds herself immersed in conversation over coffee and connecting with the community. 

Emmy had a hard time just choosing one favorite Gleeful Peacock item. One of them would be the Wanderlust Necklace, it brings out her inner traveller. Secondly would be the Stay Close Locket.


{In the making: Radiate Love Earrings}

Family and Autumn also find its way on the list. Autumn is her favorite time of year to go bike riding and shopping. I mean, outdoor activities and NO sweat... How can you go wrong?! "I usually tell people I don't have a favorite color. At the moment, I really love the Gleeful Peacock Spearmint color!"

When asked what her favorite thing about working at Gleeful Peacock is, a nearby friend added in "Amber!" So yes, Amber is one of her favorite things about Gleeful Peacock but she also loves the passion that is behind the business of GP.


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