Most people would use the saying "calm before the storm" as the market season is approaching. However, for me, it has been the "storm before the storm". A Gleeful storm to say the least! This has been one of the fastest growth periods as the owner of a small business, and I couldn't be more excited. We decided to share with you a glimpse into my everyday life here at the studio!
I love to start the day off with a cup of coffee and one of the most dear people in my heart, our office manager, Traci! She keeps me motivated and I don't know what I would do without this calm start to the day! Her hard-work doesn't go unnoticed and I am so thankful she is apart of the team! Can you believe she was once my boss before Gleeful Peacock started?!
Scheduling out the day may seem like a daunting task, but when so many exciting things are happening it is easy to make it fun! On today's to do list: Creative meeting, conference calls, TV interview with Julie Chin and be awesome, of course!
A mid-morning meeting with these ladies always makes me smile. Traci, Veronica and Crystal keep the office and production area Gleeful.
On this particular afternoon, we got a visit from the lovely Julie Chin! She stopped by the studio to interview us for the show, Discover Oklahoma! She was a delight and we loved showing her around the studio.
2016 better watch out, we're already re-designing the market booths! Here I am making decisions on color and design for all of the showrooms. (eeek!) I can't wait for you to see the redesign!
Veronica is our in-house artist! She's amazing and working on new things coming for the showrooms. Who's that on the left? Oh, you know, just Libby. Don't worry, more details soon!
Yes, in one day, I can go from meetings and pretty interviews to painting and sanding a table for display! 
Heading into the late afternoon I had an important conference call with a big account we are excited to stock soon! Stay tuned for more news. ;)
One of my favorite things about summer is getting frequent visits from my girl, Rae. Her fun spirit has everyone smiling throughout the day! One thing I made a commitment to when starting a business was being flexible with moms in the workforce. Our studio is often filled with the laughter of employee's children on summer days. And lets not forget Mojo, I mean, look at that teddy bear face! 
And that's a wrap! I hope this has given you a closer look at the GP headquarters and my day-to-day life here in the studio.