Since Rae was small, I have called her my little acorn. I would wrap her in my arms and tell her that she is like a little acorn; small, but just like an acorn has all it needs to become a mighty oak, all of the power and strength she needs is already within her.  I explained to her that it would take years of love, trials and nurturing for it to be seen, but that she would someday realize the amazing power and strength that she contained. 

We spent many a fall day collecting acorns form the ground and she would giggle at my analogy. Lately it has become more of an eye roll when I call her by the nickname.  She is a teen after all, but that never stops a Momma. Don’t tell her, but I know she secretly still loves it.

My hope is that as she goes through life and faces challenges and trials, she will know her strength. She will feel confident that she can handle it. Maybe someday she will look down and see an acorn and roll her eyes with a smile on her face and know that she has all she needs to handle life graciously and with courage.

Because of the special place it has in my heart, I had to do an acorn charm for the Spring 2015 line. Who do you know that has more strength than they realize? Or maybe you could use a reminder that you have strength and power residing within you. We are resilient and sometimes we just need to be reminded of what amazing things can happen with nurturing and love.


“Just as the acorn contains the mighty oak tree, the Self has everything it needs to fulfill its destiny. When the inner conditions are right, it naturally emerges” – Derek Rydall


May you realize your strength and remind others of theirs.

Love, Nikki