Ok, so as mentioned in a previous post we are kind of loving the bohemian vibe. We could just get lost forever in a Lomo filtered world full of free flowing fabric and fringe. For 2016, we are giving you all something a little different. Something a little closer to nature. Don't fret, my little peachicks! The Gleeful Peacock you have come to know and love will still be recognizable, just with a bit of a twist. 
The best part about this whole bohemian trend is the versatility. From the colorful silks and patterns of the gypsy lifestyle to the soft muted colors of the earthy hippie girl, bohemia is only a slouchy tee away from anyone who cares to enter into the whimsy of this world.
That free spirited whimsy is what we are falling so fast for. The bohemian lifestyle promises everyday adventures, romances written in the stars, and a kind of freedom that can only be attained by kicking off your shoes and feeling the cool dirt beneath you connecting you to the Earth. That is exactly the feeling we are hoping to convey with our 2016 line. 
We have been keeping a close eye on Fall/Winter trends, and it seems that tassels, druzy stones, and rich jewel tones are here to stay. Which is good for us, because we are still all dreamy eyed for these trends. We are working on expanding our Glitz collection, adding some more fun tassels, and of course sticking with our signature antique bronze finish with a little paint for good measure!
Now don't be scanning the website for all these new lovelies just yet, we are still in the design phases right now, but we are so excited to share them with you! We pinky promise to let you know as soon as we have these tiny bits of bohemian heaven ready for your viewing and purchasing pleasures!