We all know someone who exemplifies the "Born to Stand Out" token charm. She is the little girl that wears rain boots with her tutu. She is the high school girl who makes her own clothing, because nothing at the mall quite cuts it. She is the young mom with pink hair at the PTA meeting. She is the grandma that doesn't bake you cookies, but wants to go that concert with you on a Friday night. This charm is for the rebels, the innovators, the big thinkers, the peacock in a field of turkeys. 
In a time when the standard idea of beauty is the currency du jour, reminding someone that their uniqueness is celebrated goes a long way. Not everyone wants to look like the girl in the magazine, and that's the best part of humanity. That ability to separate oneself from the pack and glorify the differences is such a beautiful thing. Let's make that confidence spread like wildfire. Let's set the world ablaze with the feeling of pride in our own peculiarities. A life in black and white is no fun anyway, let's paint our worlds whatever color we want.