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It Takes a Village

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One of the best things about working around so many creative people is the constant flow of ideas coming through these doors. During slower times, each Flock member is encouraged to create and design pieces that they think will work well for the line. We are always reinventing, changing, and revamping the pieces we already have to make new and exciting pieces for the Gleeful Peacock line. Usually, new or reimagined pieces are posted on Instagram to see what kind of feedback our customers are giving the new piece, which is just another reason for you to follow our Instagram account...

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A Story Behind the Acorn Charm

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Since Rae was small, I have called her my little acorn. I would wrap her in my arms and tell her that she is like a little acorn; small, but just like an acorn has all it needs to become a mighty oak, all of the power and strength she needs is already within her.  I explained to her that it would take years of love, trials and nurturing for it to be seen, but that she would someday realize the amazing power and strength that she contained.  We spent many a fall day collecting acorns form the ground and...

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