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Born to Stand Out

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We all know someone who exemplifies the "Born to Stand Out" token charm. She is the little girl that wears rain boots with her tutu. She is the high school girl who makes her own clothing, because nothing at the mall quite cuts it. She is the young mom with pink hair at the PTA meeting. She is the grandma that doesn't bake you cookies, but wants to go that concert with you on a Friday night. This charm is for the rebels, the innovators, the big thinkers, the peacock in a field of turkeys.  In a time when the standard idea...

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The Rob Stack

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This week's Staff Stack comes from production artist Rob Recoy. Rob was homeschooled during his high school years and received his Eagle Scout at the age of eighteen. He loves plants and has a green thumb that would make Martha Stewart jealous (seriously, he is some kind of plant whisperer.) Rob lives with his partner Cole, who is also a production artist here at Gleeful Peacock, and their plethora of flora and fauna including around eighty plants, two dogs, a cat, and a few fish. Rob is such a creative mind, he inspires his friends every single day with his unconventional...

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A Story Behind the Acorn Charm

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Since Rae was small, I have called her my little acorn. I would wrap her in my arms and tell her that she is like a little acorn; small, but just like an acorn has all it needs to become a mighty oak, all of the power and strength she needs is already within her.  I explained to her that it would take years of love, trials and nurturing for it to be seen, but that she would someday realize the amazing power and strength that she contained.  We spent many a fall day collecting acorns form the ground and...

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