National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Have you ever heard of National Tell a Fairy Tale Day before?  We hadn't but it seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce our new story book themed necklaces - Once Upon a Time, Wish and Fairy Tale (charm keeper).

Once Upon a Time Necklace

The really cool thing about the new Once Upon a Time necklace is that it's actually a locket.  You can use it to store your tiny treasures close to your heart.  The four front cover options are a horseshoe in turquoise, a lion in marsala, a seahorse in nordic and an acorn in teal.  Of course, you could also have yours painted in a custom color choice.  If you click the image above it will take you straight to the listing so you can dog ear... I mean bookmark it for later or order it right now.  

Wish Necklace

This necklace declares its name proudly to all who lay eyes on it.  It adds a touch of magic to any outfit and occasion.  The color combinations include vanilla and sunflower, mint and vanilla, flamingo and seagulls and sunflower and turquoise.  You can also select your own color combinations. If you wish to own one of these just click on the image above.


Fairy Tale Charm KeeperA charm keeper is a great way to show off a few of your favorites from our long list of charms.  This one features our frog in gecko, a magic wand in turquoise, and a crown in flamingo.  As with the other necklaces above, you can select your own colors too.  Who knows maybe wearing it will help you find your frog prince, fairy godmother or at least get you invited to the ball!  Click the image above to order yours now.

So tell us, which one of these magical pieces do you like the most?  And had you heard of National Tell a Fairy Tale Day?