With the end of 2015 quickly approaching, this Flock is busy as a beehive trying to get the 2016 catalog ready! This catalog promises to be the most beautiful one that Gleeful Peacock has produced! It's whimsical, colorful, and fabulous! 
The theme for 2016 is a spectacular woodland tea party. Kind of Alice meets Esmerelda, fun bright colors with the eclectic warmth of a band of gypsies. The set was beautiful, the weather cooperated, and most importantly the wonderful people who helped out were invaluable. So we are going give some credit where credit is due! 
First off, we want to give a huge thank you to the Mosier family. They opened up their home and yard, and boy did we take over! Aaron and Carrie bought us lunch and let us commandeer any decor or furniture that we needed, and offered it with a smile at that!! Aaron's brother Chub and son Justin hung around to be our muscles! After all, we are just a bunch of dainty (ha!) Southern women . The tea party set was over the river and through woods, (or just up a hill, but let's not get hung up on details) so the Mosier men loaded up four-wheelers with gleeful goodies and girls! The girls, Maddy and Mariah, lent us their beautiful faces as models! Thanks, Mosiers!!
Next, we want to thank all the models! These girls looked absolutely beautiful, and perfectly personified Gleeful Girls! Everyone had so much fun, which was exactly what we wanted. Happiness is always the best accessory! So a big thank you to the following ladies for bringing the jewelry to life: Madison Patrick, Rae Halgren, Mariah McCleod, Sarah Cleveland, Maddy McCleod, Meg Sutherland, Hannah Mosier, Dani Parker, Crystal Patrick, Rachel Townsley, Cassie Ramirez, Eliana Fox, and Sarah Mosier. You rock, ladies! 
And what good are models without a fabulous photographer? Thank you forever to Carrie Beth Getz for being the brains behind the camera!! 
And last, but certainly not least we want to thank Heather Moss, Rob Recoy, and Rachel Townsley for being the glamour squad! These three worked all day to not only make sure everyone looked perfect, but that they stayed that way! So thank you Glamazons, we were a little more sparkley because of you! 
We also want to thank everyone in the production department at Gleeful Peacock HQ for getting all that jewelry together so quickly, Veronica Foster for always being the glue, Earl Thorpe for letting us invade your yard, DreamClinic for being there and cheering us on, and Dave from DreamcClinic for getting all those fabulous "B-roll" shots! 
We just can't wait to unveil the new catalog and 2016 line! Stay tuned!