One of my favorite things of the year is selecting what our color palette will be next year. No pressure, right? It’s already September, so I’m putting together a color collection for next year that not only I will love, but all of you lovelies will be super excited over too. It’s one of the new challenges that happen when your company grows and you are producing a catalog months in advance of the whole next year.  But if you know me, you know I love a challenge almost as much as I love color! The best part about designing something from your soul is that I can usually just pick whatever excites me and I’m so fortunate that like minded free spirits find me and tend to love what I love. So I have a real technical selection process. Are you ready for the secret? If I love it and I want to clap my hands in excitement, it makes the cut. High-tech, right? 
This year I was a little less disciplined, or maybe I was just more indulgent to my whims. We went from 16 to 24 shades in our designer color palette. I couldn’t help it! I NEEDED a citrine just as bad as I NEEDED a vibrant orchid. I’ve been hating on purple for a few years, but now I have kissed and made up with the color and I think you’ll love the purple I chose. 
As with anything, it takes a village. My team painted up tons of samples for me so that I could sit down and gather the ones that spoke to my soul. The picture is one sampling of some the ones I chose from. A few of these scrumptious colors made the cut.  I can't say I won't do a flash sale using some of the other fun colors, but I’m committed to my colors and I can’t wait for you to see them and how they all pair together is such unexpected but beautiful ways! 
Sample color swatches of the several colors that were up for deliberation. Stay tuned to see which ones made the cut for 2016!
Now off to make up samples and get to work on that catalog. Oh my! Stay tuned for some mood board pictures of what we are gathering for inspiration for the 2016 catalog! 
XO Nikki