Hello All!

We have been working away to get ready for our showroom in Dallas! The girls worked hard on all of our display pieces and jewelry for the installation! One of my favorite display pieces is the cork US map with all of our state charms on it! (Oregan is on its way!)

I am super excited about the opportunity to have a showroom in Dallas to give our buyers a unique experience to shop our handmade jewelry! Once we arrived to Dallas we had a lot of fun, but hard work!

We came across the lovliest rummage paradise! We could take anything in this room to use as our display! So when you see a rusty old bed spring...of course you add twinkle lights and hang it from the ceiling!

Our display came along with a lot of improvising, but that is what made it so creative in the end! We are excited for buyers to be able to visit the 3 Gentrys Showroom at the Dallas Market Center! Come say hello next week! :)