I have a team that is trustworthy, hardworking and dependable. We will be doing a spotlight on each one to show off their greatness and talents. First up is Fallon! Fallon is team member that is sweet, intelligent, loyal and detail oriented.
Fallon brings her talents to our team and makes us stronger.

We all love ombre! Fallon is one of our team members that we turn to when we want a beautiful ombre. Fallon gets it done without effort and it looks so pretty every time. Fallon rocks the ombre! Such a talent!
Fallon also helps in our packing area when we need additional help. She helps without hesitating and always with a good attitude. Fallon works our twine, pretty tissue paper and note cards and makes every thing look pretty for our Gleeful Peacock customers.
Fallon has high standards for her work and is very protective of those she loves. 
Thank you Fallon for all the greatness you contribute to our team. We appreciate your hard work every day.