When we moved into our new space, we knew we had to make the office area pretty and be surrounded by art and colors that I love. Casey and I had fun picking out our pretty things for our desks. I must be surrounded by what I love, the creativity then just flows. Here's a tour of our office. Enjoy!

This is my side of our world. I enjoy being surrounded by colorful art created by other people's talents. 

This is my accent wall above my desk area; it is filled with things I love. I like to keep notes that have been sent my way by people that have been reached through my business.

Where I found my pieces of art:
"Let Go" print is from Katie Daisy on Etsy.
The calligraphy sign is from Sentiments Studio which the artist is our very own, Casey. 
The art in the orange frame is from Little Things Studio

The "Hustle" banner is my newest addition and it makes me smile. I found it on Oh My Deer Love on Etsy. The owl cross stitch cutie was given to me by a dear friend, Julia when I opened my shop.

My pen holder is a tool caddy that used to be my stepdad's. He had it in his garage when I was growing up. I love that I have a part of him with me. I keep my favorite office supplies in it - like my absolute favorite mechanical pencils. 

Oh and many thanks to the genius who invented Command Hooks. Who agrees with me? It was perfect to hold my headphones.

This is Casey's organized side of our world. She is great at keeping her side neat and tidy. She feels it helps her be productive and efficient. I would have to agree the same applies to myself.

Her favorite piece is the picture of her husband and son. Casey loves to be surrounded by sentimental things - but there will always be a special place in her heart for her Sharpie Pens. :)

We each have this table that we meet at for our brainstorming meetings. Our meetings are fun and filled with ideas for the future of Gleeful Peacock. Casey is my sound board and I trust her 110%. 

We are excited to be in an office that is about us and what we love. That makes our space. 

Surround yourself with what you enjoy!