Ya know that one time your mom repainted the kitchen and life was chaos for about 3 days? Well, we have a really big kitchen, and Mama Peacock is remodelin'! While we are all super pumped for the shiny new look of our cozy little creative dojo, the interim time between "before" and "after" is a bit hectic. 
Shipping is doubling as storage, but don't worry, we will dig Lyssa out every night before we go home!
It's all hands on deck right now! As you can see, we have quite a bit of displaced Gleeful Goodies (and Flock members) at the moment! 
While the remodel is taking over most of the Flock, some of us gotta be dedicated to keeping you lovely humans stocked with all your favorite Gleeful pieces. Valorie, Sarah, and Symara are staying hard at work in production making sure everyone gets their orders!
Valorie keeps her hands as busy as a bee making sure all orders are filled!
While the front office area is being remodeled, the entire office staff is flung far and wide throughout the studio. Even the office plants have no home right now! But, the end result will be so magnificent, so Gleeful, so splendid that the Flock will all soon forget the chaos of the "before" and relish in the beauty of the "after."
Homeless plants, living a hard knock life in the Desk Desert. 
Don't worry you pretty little art pieces, you will find a home eventually!
So while the pandemonium of remodeling is setting this studio into a frenzy, there is a very bright light at the end of this tunnel! We can't wait to share the glitzy, vibrant, beautiful space that we will call home! 
A sneak peek of some of the new painted concrete floors. We love Teal and all of her cousins if you can't tell.
A "before" view of the front office. While it was no doubt bright and cheery before, GPHQ 2.0 will be super fab. 
Everyone stay tuned to see the splendor that will be Gleeful Peacock Headquarters!