This week's Staff Stack is picked by production manager Crystal Patrick. Crystal is a hard working mom of two, not only does she lend her creative mind to Gleeful Peacock but she also works at local restaurant The Wild Fork as a server. Crystal has one daughter and one son, Madison and Jaden respectively. The kids keep her busy, they are both just as talented and creative as their mom! Crystal also makes her own jewelry outside of GP, which usually consists of bead and wire working to create avant garde statement pieces. Crystal is a creative, old soul, which makes for a perfect liaison between the production and office staffs.  Crystal is definitely a social butterfly, and her infectious laugh and vibrant smile are always sure to brighten a dark room. 
The Crystal Stack includes a sea glass Sewing Machine charm, a turquoise Oklahoma charm, and the Go Your Own Way token charm in sunflower. Her suggested add-ons are the "Be Brave" Expression bracelet in teal and the Arrow Cuff in antique bronze. As a born and raised Oklahoman, it's no surprise that Crystal wants to show love to the place that she has called home her whole life. She selected the Singer sewing machine because she of her love of creating things, and the Own Way charm is to help her remember to stay true to herself. The Be Brave bracelet is to remind her to have the strength to be her true self, which as we all know can be difficult in today's culture. For Crystal, the Arrow Cuff represents the never ending journey of life and to always appreciate the road instead of only looking to the destination.