We are interrupting our Gleeful Peacock production to talk about my friend, Oikos Hhandmade. Oikos meaning tribe is located here in Oklahoma and Kimberly creates beautiful pieces that are heart warming.

I love the creations from Oikos Handmade because they are so comfortable, warming and I cannot resist the beautiful colors! Kim is a wonderful person that has become one of my dear friends. My fave crochet lovelies are the Aztec Clutch, Braided Boot Cuffs and the Cable Scarf. So pretty! Oikos Handmade is offering us a special offer!

Save 20% off your purchase and will expire February 23rd. at midnight. Use code GleefulFan at check out. Get yourself something beautiful!

Jess is one of our own here at Gleeful Peacock. She enjoys her Twisted Turban's softness and it does not itch like others. Jess also loves that it's cozy and stylish.

Rae loves the softness and all the cool colors!

A warm hat in your favorite color!

The Clutch even has a pretty lining!

We sat down with Kim for a little chat: 

Who do you look up too? 
I am a PK, a daughter, Big Sister, wife, mother, and friend. What is a PK? My Daddy
is a pastor. That means we grew up to think about how what we do affects others.
How I love people flows out of that experience. We all have influencers. My Mom is
my biggest. Any trace of craftiness fell from her tree. I learned to look at things as
possibilities. “How could we make this look like that?” Big sisters don’t just teach, they
learn. You know you are getting older when your interest lies not in getting your sister to
do things for you, but when you have found in your sister a best friend. She is also my
favorite person to model my creations. Everyone needs that person that makes them a
better person. Few who knew us before we married believed Craig and I “fit” together.
Little did or do they know it is like hand-in-glove. The time to do what I have come to
enjoy would not be possible were Craig not supportive, encouraging, and willing to
sacrifice. This shows up most when you add that we are parents. Two-year olds come
fully equipped with natural needs. We share these in ways that create the space and
time to crochet. Were it not for the addition of our Little Mister, Cohen Alan, two years
ago, I would still be working not staying at home with him. And, that would mean I would
not have had the time to take what my Mom taught me and take the risk with Oikoshandmade.

What is a motto you live by?

"We can do no great things, just small things with great love." Mother Theresa

What other hand made brands do you love?

Well, we all know my LOVE for anything Gleeful Peacock! Thru Nikki I have learned so much business wise and my favorite accessories are Gleeful Peacock all the way. A few other shops would be Rayna Jaye, her turbans are my favorite hair accessory to wear. I love JL Woodworx & Design LLC, Jay and Christina do beautiful work and are from this great state of Oklahoma too. I don't have a Better Life Bag yet but I love this company and everything they are doing thru their workers, I hope to eventually own one of their bags. I also love t-shirts...I kind of live in them, I love Desmond Fine Goods apparel. I have a sweatshirt from them and it has become my favorite. I am definitely ready to get several t-shirts for the summer. Lastly I looked everywhere for the perfect thank you cards to include in my orders and finally was able to find the perfect cards made by Casey with Sentiments Studio

What are your best sellers? 

My best sellers would have to be my turbans, Granny Square cowls and my clutches. The turbans are great for keeping your ears nice and warm without messing up your hair with a hat. The Granny Square Cowls are a favorite of mine and the color options are endless. These cowls are perfect for spring too. The Oklahoma and Aztec clutches are great for those of us who don't need a big purse. They are also great for those of you who do as you can keep the essentials all tucked away and pull it out for those quick in and out stops. Perfect for date nights too. I am working on some new designs. Also working on incorporating leather into some bags. Looking forward to releasing some new stuff soon! 

What is your favorite thing about what you do? 

My favorite thing about what I do would have to be the fact that it allows me to stay home with our son. I love being the one that gets to take care of him daily even though it is a hard job, it is one that I find very rewarding. Without him...Oikos Handmade would just be a dream. 

Thank you, Kim! We appreciate you stopping by. 

Oikos Handmade is one of my favorite places to buy pretty lovelies!