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Flash Sale Ends 2/5

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Valentine's Day is upon us! Here are some great valentine ideas for you. Don't get caught empty handed last minute. That will do you no good. Give your someone special some GLEE!  Love is in the air and just for you our entire site, Gleeful Peacock, is 25% off through February 5th. 

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Florals, Stripes and Big Dreams Necklace

We surely did not set up the scenery for this photo.  Florals, Stripes and Big Dreams Necklace I wore the Big Dreams necklace with my Target ballets flats. Yes, I wear florals with stripes. There are no rules in fashion. Wear what you love and I love this!  Have fun with fashion. Feel great in what you are wearing. Face the world with your best outfit. 

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Thank You Cards Make Life Awesome

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Thank You cards make me smile. It's a feeling of coziness that warms my soul when I reflect on a Thank You card. These special words from someone are great and I love to hear how I helped them. I may read them more than once. I hold onto them, I just can't throw them away. Don't hesitate to send a Thank You card. Let that special person know you appreciate how they helped you. It's inspiring! Touching people's lives is the best part of what I do. Thank you cards make life awesome. What do you do with the...

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Dallas Market with My Family

dallas gleeful peacock ikea

This past weekend... I took the family with me to Dallas market with me.  It was awesome to show them it was all about. Rae is at an age that she is soaking it all up and I love doing that with her. Family road trips are so fun. Stuck in traffic, but still enjoying our time together.   Had to get a classic car selfie.   How is she this grown up?     Spent the day at Ikea. I had a friend tease me once that I have a knack for finding the one vintage looking product among the...

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Team Member Spotlight: Fallon is Rockin!

gleeful peacock team praise team work

  I have a team that is trustworthy, hardworking and dependable. We will be doing a spotlight on each one to show off their greatness and talents. First up is Fallon! Fallon is team member that is sweet, intelligent, loyal and detail oriented.   Fallon brings her talents to our team and makes us stronger.     We all love ombre! Fallon is one of our team members that we turn to when we want a beautiful ombre. Fallon gets it done without effort and it looks so pretty every time. Fallon rocks the ombre! Such a talent!    ...

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